4 Cat Fence Solutions for Your Backyard

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Oscillot® Cat Containment System

During the recent years, humans have been drastically changing their attitude towards an idea of pet ownership. We no longer think of being an owner of a cat or a dog, but rather acquiring a life companion, a new family member. We take care of our pets, give them our love, try to earn their respect, and do our best to make them happy.

Many cat owners are being torn on the idea whether they should keep their cats in the safety of indoors or let them enjoy freedom of the outside environment. Luckily, there are now a few paths that cat owners can take without having to choose between safety and happiness of their pets by cat proofing their fence.

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We have previously introduced several different safety measures you may consider before letting your cat enjoy the outside of your home. The goal of many cat owners is to provide their cats with the largest possible free-roaming area, while keeping them in a safe space. An enclosure around the perimeter of your property is the best way to achieve this goal. Below we are summarizing cat fence solutions available on the market: 


Oscillot® Cat Fence Kits

Cat-proof fence kits by Oscillot: Cat Fence, Cat proof fence, Cat fence rollers, Cat Fence topper, cat containment system, Oscillot cat fence, Cat containment fence, Cat proof fence topper, Outdoor Cats,


Oscillot® is the unique spinning paddle system made from rust proof aluminum, designed for cat-proofing your existing fence. Cats use a jump-grab-climb technique to scale and escape over fences. It is designed to safely counteract this technique by eliminating the GRAB action. When a cat tries to jump and scale the fence, they place a paw on the paddle, which then spins. The cat cannot get traction and falls safely back to the ground.

Made to withstand any weather conditions and last you for a lifetime, all while complimenting your fence and backyard design. Oscillot® is completely safe and will not cause any harm to your cat or wildlife. It is designed for DIY installation to existing fences of at least 6 feet in height - including metal, timber, masonry, vinyl, composite, and chain-link fencing to keep pets safe and active in their own yard. 

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Oscillot® is the ideal choice for cat owners wanting to keep their feline family members safely contained within their property without compromising the aesthetics of their yard or having to maintain the integrity of the system. It is endorsed by Nature CanadaAnimal Welfare League of Australia and over 5000 cat owners worldwide.  


Coyote Fence Rollers

coyote rollers , fence topper


There are various designs that utilize PVC and metal pipes to try and prevent animals from grabbing the fence top upon an attempt to jump over the fence. Effectiveness of these solutions can differ widely as they have not been designed or properly tested to contain cats in the first place. A good example of such a system is a coyote roller that was initially designed to keep coyotes out of your backyard.


Freestanding Fences and Net Extensions

cat fence netting, purrfect fence, chain link fence


If you do not have an existing fence surrounding your property, a freestanding cat fence may be an appropriate solution for you to consider. 

Such fences are usually made of metal posts and mesh wire, extended by a few feet in height and bent inwards. If tall enough, they might be a suitable option for preventing your cat’s escape. Additionally, unlike the privacy fence, it does not block the view from your property. 

Alternatively, there are available net extensions bent inward to install on your existing fence to achieve a similar effect.


Remote Cat Fence

electric shock collar for cat containment


Remote electric fence is another choice of outdoor pet enclosure. It is designed to stop a pet from leaving further than a certain area of your choice. The result is achieved by sending a small electric current to your pet’s collar when they reach the borderline of the marked area. The discomfort of a gentle stun in the neck is meant to teach a pet where they should or should not go. Although it has proven to be generally effective for dog training, many may consider this method to be inhumane.

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